Traditionnal Houses

For several years we have been looking for giving a new lease on life to old  teak houses.

They are entirely taken into pieces, repackaged and reassembled following the traditional techniques. The work on the recycled wood and the patina are always traditionally made, which permits to restore a real authenticity to each unit coming out of the workshop.

The engineering office allows us to adapt each structure to the clients’ needs. Although we cannot modify the very structure of the building, we can offer to change and optimize the configurations and the layouts. Thus, we frequently take back the existing walls and replace some of them with openings permitting the alteration of movements or the entrance of light ( picture windows…), partition walls are moved, replaced or simply removed in order to gain more volume.

In Indonesia and more particularly in Java, three main types of traditional houses could be found.

  • The “Limasan” and the “Gladack” , a classical  Javanese house  which could be found everywhere in the country and are mostly rectangular.
  • The “Joglo” built for high-ranking individuals in the villages, are high structures with 4 slopes which the higher centre is always maintained by four big posts/columns  and a very polished ceiling. Many posts support  the  open or compartmentalized periphery.

For availability regarding those houses please contact us.