Welcome to Teck Time

Teck Time creates premium Lodges.

This housing is ready to give a radical change of scenery to those who get inside, A winning combination between the reassuring comfort of modernity and the bewitching seduction of the ancient.

We aim at owners, who wish to set up an independent room full of character in their property,

Hoteliers who look for increasing their accommodation capacity or complete their offer by adding  a Lodge Spa,
Campings wishing to stand out and to create a wellness area.

This innovative concept, was born after twenty five years of passionate woodworking of research and innovations ,  with the sole aim of creating a magical place, different and luxurious, to satisfy  demanding customers.

These Accomodations are each a one-off   conceived on the basis of an original steel structure stemming from  cutting edge technology and dressed with ancient teak coming from colonial Indonesian houses which have been rigorously restored  in traditional fashion.

Do not hesitate to explore our lodges and to contact us for further details.